Choosing your dream fence

Step 1. Choose a post shape

E15 Double Route can work on any post with route lines

Step 2. Choose your infill

Feature Shaped Pickets:

Screenshot 2021-09-21 113212.png
Or Capped Styles:

(The posts are just for inspiration, the infill can be matched with any style of post)

Screenshot 2021-09-20 154157.png
Capping with Arches
Screenshot 2021-09-20 154621.png
Capping with Fascia
Or Mini-Orb & Woven Wire:
Screenshot 2021-09-20 155455.png
Mini-Corrugated Iron
Screenshot 2021-09-20 155014.png
Woven Wire
Step 3. Choose a Brass or Chrome Letterbox
Step 4. Choose a height for the fence

You may like to replicate the old fence at your house, otherwise we suggest checking your local council requirements for how high you can build.

Step 5. Do you need any gates, side gates, or automatic gates?
Pedestrian Gate

A Pedestrian gate will usually match the rest of the fence, made out of a steel engineered frame, unless you want a feature, fully handmade ornate gate or a woven wire gate.

(Style will match the rest of the fence)

Steel Frame
output-onlinepngtools (5).png
Ornate Gate
Woven Wire Gates

(If you have chosen a Woven Wire fence)

Style A
Style G
Sliding Driveway Gate

We fabricate and engineer automatic sliding driveway gates of all types and styles, usually matching the rest of the fence. We will need the driveway opening when you provide us with information.

Step 6. Sending us information 
To provide a quote we will need the following information:
  • Your full name

  • Your street address  

  • Your contact number

  • Your e-mail 

  • Post shape 

  • Picket, capped picket style or woven wire

  • Letterbox Fittings

  • Height of the fence

  • Sizes of any gates/ driveway gates

  • Sizes of any side gates

  • Overall length or measurements of the fence

  • We can work out the best layout of your fence so don't worry about making panels perfect. We will work out the best spans from our experience. So we will just need the driveway size for any sliding gates and pathway width for pedestrian gates if applicable. The rest we can work out for you!   

Here is a sample of a simple sketch of a front fence that will help us give you a quote.
output-onlinepngtools (27).png
Please note that we are not limited to anything seen on this page and can build anything you dream of. This page is a guide to make the decision easier for our valued clients and to make quoting an easy and simple process. We also offer other carpentry services such as verandas, decking, restorations and many more!
We look forward to hearing from you!
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