about us 


With over thirty years building experience, Elizabethan Pickets prides itself on the personal, professional and quality delivery of period and contemporary fencing, verandas and decking in Melbourne. 

A small, family owned business, at Elizabethan Pickets, we pride ourselves on our guaranteed

superior building work, with professional advice and personal service the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Elizabethan Pickets is a Registered Building Practitioner with the Building Commission of Victoria.

Our business model is simply: over 30 years building experience, guaranteed specialist service at affordable pricing and delivery that adds value to your greatest asset.

Harti, Registered Builder and owner, learnt his craft as a young man from carpentry masters in Japan, building and restoring thousand year old temples and shrines built with no nails, nothing but timber and intricate joints. This level of carpentry and knowledge brought back to Australia has built the reputation for Elizabethan Pickets as being superior in craft and quality for building and carpentry. 

No sub-contractors are ever used by us as we don't want to compromise any little bit of quality in our work. As we have built this reputation, we are determined to always be above the rest in our craft. You will only ever see Harti himself or son Tommy on site building your project. Anyone else is either extended family or a very close friend. Sub-contractors are a big no for us. 

All of our material is hand picked one piece at a time by Harti & Tommy, sometimes spending hours in the timber yard choosing the very best material. A relationship spanning three decades with our supplier has allowed for this to take place. 

Whatever your taste or budget, take advantage of our specialist advice.

At Elizabethan Pickets, we only select the best raw ingredients and help design your home’s needs.

We build lych-gates, picket fences, install fretwork, verandas and decking, all with unparalleled craftsmanship in the industry.

• On site consultation

• Period Home Specialist

• Over 30 Years Building Experience 

• Master Craftsmen

• Registered Builder with Building Commission Victoria 

• Specialist Manufacturer & Supplier of quality period fences, gates, decking, verandas and restorations

• Specialist Work for Victorian, Edwardian, Federation and modern homes

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